Forward, march
The show must go on – so how did the UCLA Bruin Marching Band cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?
Anatomy of a flood
Tens of thousands of gallons of water, $2.7 million in damages and lots of angry professors. What do you know about the flood in Kaplan Hall?
The ethics of animal experimentation at UCLA
UCLA scientists claim using animals in biomedical research is “worth the sacrifice.” However, animal welfare activists say otherwise.
Between us and our parents
Generations of Asian families in America have experienced racism – but students are fighting back.
I am a Bruin
Many freshly graduated transfer students spent less than two quarters on campus. How do they feel about their time at UCLA?
Housing insecurity on the horizon
As UCLA welcomes back students in the fall, how are campus organizations preparing for a potential increase in housing insecurity?
They want us, they don’t want us
UCLA is lauded as one of the best universities for transfer students. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, some transfers feels the school isn’t doing enough to keep them around.
What it takes to be a walk-on
Student athletes spend countless hours training – but for many walk-ons, the resulting game time is minimal. What motivates them to keep playing?
Sustainability: One step at a time
Environmental organizations at UCLA are working toward a greener future at every level, whether it be statewide, in Los Angeles County or within the university.
Crossing uncharted territory
Last year, writer Zinnia Finn spoke to recent medical school graduates starting their residencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they reflect on the unprecedented year.