Dear reader,

Here at PRIME, we strive to shine a light on issues affecting the UCLA community and give them a human voice. As a magazine, we aim to uplift narratives that might otherwise be overlooked at a big, ever buzzing institution like UCLA.

When lecturers protested against unfair labor practices, PRIME reported on the daily struggles they endure as faculty. We also spoke to a student peforming digital sex work to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. PRIME investigates the questions that matter most, from the ethics of animal experimentation to predatory landlords in Westwood.

Personal columns also have a home in PRIME. One of our reporters has written about her experience losing a grandparent during the pandemic, and other writers have explored their identities as children of immigrants.

Our quarterly magazine exists at the intersection of reporting, writing, design and art and is made possible by the Daily Bruin staff and our very own PRIME reporters.

As UCLA students navigate the highs and lows of the transition back to in-person learning, PRIME will be here, continuing to tell the stories that need to be told.

Thank you for reading PRIME. We hope you enjoy it.

With love,

The PRIME editors